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Analysis of Mixed Convective Heat and Mass Transfer on Peristaltic Flow of Fene-P Fluid with Chemical Reaction

  • Z. Asghar (a1) and N. Ali (a1)


This study presents the influence of heat and mass transfer on peristaltic transport of Finitely Extensible Nonlinear Elastic Peterlin (FENE-P) fluid in the presence of chemical reaction. It is assumed that all the fluid properties, except the density are constant. The Boussinesq approximation which relates density change to temperature and concentration changes is used in formulating buoyancy force terms in the momentum equation. Moreover, we neglect viscous dissipation and include diffusion-thermal (Dufour) and thermal-diffusion (Soret) effects in the present analysis. By the consideration of such important aspects the flow equations become highly nonlinear and coupled. In order to make the problem tractable we have adopted widely used assumptions of long wave length and low Reynolds number. An exact solution of the simplified coupled linear equations for the temperature and concentration has been obtained whereas numerical solution is obtained for dimensionless stream function and pressure gradient. The effects of different parameters on velocity field, temperature and concentration fields and trapping phenomenon are highlighted through various graphs. Numerical integration has been performed to analyze pressure rise per wavelength.


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