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X-ray tensile testing of thin films

  • I.C. Noyan (a1) and G. Sheikh (a1)


The “x-ray tensile test” is the combination of the standard uniaxial tensile test with x-ray diffraction techniques. In this test, in addition to the mechanical stress-strain values usually obtained from a tensile test, one measures the x-ray strain and stress in the diffracting regions of the sample. In multilayer thin films or in multiphase materials, x-ray diffraction enables the determination of strains and stresses in the individual layers or phases. Correlation of the x-ray data with the mechanical stress-strain values may be used to analyze strain and load partitioning within the specimen. In this paper an extended theoretical analysis of this technique and its application to evaporated Cu films on Ni substrates is presented.



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X-ray tensile testing of thin films

  • I.C. Noyan (a1) and G. Sheikh (a1)


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