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X-ray reflectivity spectra of ultrathin films and nanometric multilayers: Experiment and simulation

  • E. Bontempi (a1), L. E. Depero (a1), L. Sangaletti (a2), F. Giorgis (a3) and C. F. Pirri (a3)...


Amorphous silicon–nitrogen (a–Si1−xNx:H) alloys, thin films, and multilayers deposited by ultrahigh-vacuum plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition were studied and modeled by x-ray reflectivity (XRR) measurements. The analysis of XRR data obtained from the single-layer samples allowed us to calculate the density, thickness, and interface roughness of each layer. To check the deposition parameters, the deviation (tnomtexp)/(tnom) of the measured thickness texp from the nominal thickness tnom was evaluated. Based on these results, a simulation of a multilayer film, obtained by deposition alternating stoichiometric and substoichimetric layers was carried out. It is shown that the best fitting is obtained by introducing into the XRR calculation a thickness distribution with a standard deviation related to the deviation (tnomtexp)/(tnom) estimated for the single layers.


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X-ray reflectivity spectra of ultrathin films and nanometric multilayers: Experiment and simulation

  • E. Bontempi (a1), L. E. Depero (a1), L. Sangaletti (a2), F. Giorgis (a3) and C. F. Pirri (a3)...


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