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Vacuum-ultraviolet–vis luminescence of dibarium magnesium orthoborate Ba2Mg(BO3)2 doped with Ce3+ and Eu2+ ions

  • Huihong Lin (a1), Hongbin Liang (a1), Zifeng Tian (a1), Qiang Su (a1), Hanyu Xie (a1), Jinfu Ding (a1), Guobin Zhang (a2) and Yibing Fu (a2)...


The spectroscopic properties of Ba2Mg(BO3)2:Ce3+ and Ba2Mg(BO3)2:Eu2+ in vacuum-ultraviolet-vis range were investigated. The 5d crystal-field splitting components and the barycenter of Ce3+, the lowest 5d levels, the emission and the Stokes shifts of Eu2+ and Ce3+ in the host lattices, as well as the host-related absorption are identified and discussed in terms of the crystal structure of the host lattice.


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