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Vacuum ultraviolet-visible spectroscopic properties of green phosphor NaGd0.3Y0.5Tb0.2FPO4 for application in plasma display panels

  • Zifeng Tian (a1), Hongbin Liang (a1), Lan Li (a1), Qiang Su (a1), Guobin Zhang (a2) and Yibing Fu (a2)...


In this article, we present the vacuum ultraviolet-visible spectroscopic properties of NaRFPO4:Tb3+ (R = Gd and Y). Because the samples show intensive absorption near 172 nm and bright emission, the composition of the phosphors has been further optimized and an ideal phosphor NaGd0.3Y0.5Tb0.2FPO4 is obtained. This phosphor exhibits favorable characteristics such as a lower preparation temperature, an intensive emission under 172-nm excitation, a shorter decay time (τ1/10 = 8.7 ms) in comparison with the commercial green plasma display panel (PDP) phosphor Zn2SiO4:Mn2+1/10 = 10.8 ms), a good thermal stability for luminescence performance, and a uniform particle size around 2.3 μm. Hence, the phosphor NaGd0.3Y0.5Tb0.2FPO4 can be considered a promising green phosphor for use in PDPs.


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