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Ultraviolet patterning of KTiOPO4 thin films through metallo-organics

  • Ken-ichi Noda (a1), Wataru Sakamoto (a1), Toshinobu Yogo (a1) and Shin-ichi Hirano (a1)


Patterned KTiOPO4 (KTP) films were successfully synthesized through metallo-organics using ultraviolet (uv) patterning. A homogeneous precursor solution was prepared by the reaction control of (nBuO)2P(O) (OH), Ti(OEt)4, and KOEt in ethanol. The solubility of the KTP precursor films in ethanol changed with uv irradiation because of the polymerization of KTP precursor. The patterned KTP precursor films crystallized to single-phase KTP after heat treatment at 600 °C for 2 h. The patterned films were found to be exactly stoichiometric KTP.



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Ultraviolet patterning of KTiOPO4 thin films through metallo-organics

  • Ken-ichi Noda (a1), Wataru Sakamoto (a1), Toshinobu Yogo (a1) and Shin-ichi Hirano (a1)


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