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Two-dimensional ordered polymer hollow sphere and convex structure arrays based on monolayer pore films

  • Yue Li (a1), Weiping Cai (a1), Guotao Duan (a1), Bingqiang Cao (a1) and Fengqiang Sun (a1)...


A two-step replication strategy to two-dimensional ordered polymer hollow sphere and convex structure arrays is presented based on polystyrene colloidal monolayer and inverse opal made of FeO(OH). We can control formation of a small hole on top of the hollow spheres by the concentration of polymer precursors, which could be of importance in selective permeability, nutrient and drug deliver, biotechnology, and even study of black-body irradiation in micro or nano space. In addition, the fabrication strategy is suitable for the most soluble polymer materials, which can solidify when they are concentrated.


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Two-dimensional ordered polymer hollow sphere and convex structure arrays based on monolayer pore films

  • Yue Li (a1), Weiping Cai (a1), Guotao Duan (a1), Bingqiang Cao (a1) and Fengqiang Sun (a1)...


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