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Tunable blue-green emission from ZnS(Ag) nanostructures grown by hydrothermal synthesis

  • Manjula Sharma (a1), Shashwati Sen (a2), Jagannath Gupta (a2), M. Ghosh (a2), S. Pitale (a2), Vinay Gupta (a3) and S.C. Gadkari (a2)...


We report the synthesis and optical properties of pure ZnS and Ag doped ZnS nanostructures. ZnS(Ag) was synthesized by using the hydrothermal technique and later annealed at different temperatures under vacuum conditions. It was observed that the photoluminescence (PL) emission from the ZnS(Ag) nanostructures can be easily tuned from the blue (445 nm) to green (530 nm) region of visible light by varying the annealing temperature. This tunability has been attributed to the introduction of excess sulfur vacancy states, which is evident from the PL excitation spectra. This observed change in the PL emission wavelength can be highly beneficial in the imaging screens where ZnS is regularly used and can be easily interfaced with the silicon photodiodes showing maximum sensitivity at 550 nm.


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Tunable blue-green emission from ZnS(Ag) nanostructures grown by hydrothermal synthesis

  • Manjula Sharma (a1), Shashwati Sen (a2), Jagannath Gupta (a2), M. Ghosh (a2), S. Pitale (a2), Vinay Gupta (a3) and S.C. Gadkari (a2)...


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