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Transmission electron microscopy study of Al/Al2O3 composites fabricated by reactive metal infiltration

  • Y. Gao (a1), J. Jia (a1), R.E. Loehman and K.G. Ewsuk (a2)


The microstructure of Al/α-Al2O3 composites made by infiltrating molten Al into dense mullite preforms has been characterized using transmission electron microscopy. The growth of the Al/Al2O3 composites was found to proceed through three stages. Initially, Al infiltrates into a dense mullite preform through grain boundary diffusion, and reacts with mullite at grain boundaries to form a partial reaction zone. Then, a complete reaction takes place in the reaction region between the partial reaction zone and the full reaction zone to convert the dense mullite preform to a composite of α-Al2O3 (matrix) and an Al-Si phase (thin channels). Finally, the reduced Si from the reaction diffuses out of the Al/Al2O3 composite through the metal channels, whereas Al from the molten Al pool is continuously drawn to the reaction region until the mullite preform is consumed or the sample is removed from the molten Al pool. Based on the observed microstructure, infiltration mechanisms have been discussed, and a growth model of the composites is proposed in which the process involves repeated nucleation of Al2O3 grains and grain growth.


Corresponding author

a)Corresponding author. Present address: Environmental and Molecular Sciences Lab, Pacific Northwest Laboratory, P.O. Box 999, Ms K2-12, Richland, Washington 99352.


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Transmission electron microscopy study of Al/Al2O3 composites fabricated by reactive metal infiltration

  • Y. Gao (a1), J. Jia (a1), R.E. Loehman and K.G. Ewsuk (a2)


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