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The tensile and impact resistance properties of accumulative roll bonded Al6061 and AZ31 alloy plates

  • M. Ali Sarigecili (a1), Hasan H. Saygili (a1) and Benat Kockar (a1)


Al6061 and AZ31 plates were processed using accumulative roll bonding (ARB) method up to two passes to produce laminated composites. The sandwich stacks of Al6061/AZ31/Al6061 were held at 450 °C for 10 min in a cubical furnace and rolled together with reduction of 50% in one pass. The microstructural investigations were done using optical and scanning electron microscopes. The structures of the interface, mechanical and drop impact properties of the laminated composites after the first and second passes were investigated and compared with Al6061 and AZ31 alloy plates. It was found that Al6061 improved the elongation to failure property of AZ31 after the first pass of ARB process and the drop impact properties of AZ31 after the first and second passes. However, elongation to failure magnitude with the uniaxial tensile loading decreased with increase in the number of passes due to the formation of brittle intermetallic between the Al6061/AZ31 nonuniform interfaces.


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The tensile and impact resistance properties of accumulative roll bonded Al6061 and AZ31 alloy plates

  • M. Ali Sarigecili (a1), Hasan H. Saygili (a1) and Benat Kockar (a1)


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