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Synthetic diamond crystal strength enhancement through annealing at 50 kbar and 1500 °C

  • Steven W. Webb (a1) and W.E. Jackson (a1)


High-pressure, high temperature (HPHT) annealing of synthetic type I diamond crystals at 1200–1700 °C and 50–60 kbar was found to induce aggregate-nitrogen dissociation and metal coalescence as well as heal diamond lattice dislocations. For crystals with low levels of metal inclusions, HPHT annealing was observed to increase the average compressive fracture strength of the crystals by apparently strengthening the strongest crystals of the population. Crystals with high metal-content, or otherwise of low quality, are weakened by anncaling. Strengthening is believed to occur by locally stabilizing the diamond lattice by healing lattice dislocations as well as dispersing nitrogen within the lattice. A general model is presented that ties together these results with those of other researchers.



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Synthetic diamond crystal strength enhancement through annealing at 50 kbar and 1500 °C

  • Steven W. Webb (a1) and W.E. Jackson (a1)


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