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Synthesis of magnetic particle/organic hybrid from metalorganic compounds

  • Toshinobu Yogo (a1), Tomoyuki Nakamura (a1), Wataru Sakamoto (a1) and Shin-ichi Hirano (a1)


A nanocrystalline magnetic particle/oligomer hybrid was successfully synthesized by polymerization of iron(III) 3-allylacetylacetonate (IAA) followed by in situ hydrolysis. An iron oxide particle/oligomer hybrid was synthesized by hydrolysis of the IAA oligomer under alkaline and reducing conditions by the addition of hydrazine or methylhydrazine. Crystalline particles of approximately 10 nm were found to be dispersed in the oligomeric matrix. The nanocrystalline particles were identified to be iron oxide spinel by x-ray diffraction analysis and electron diffraction. The nanometer-sized ferrimagnetic iron oxide particle/oligomer hybrid showed a typical superparamagnetic behavior.



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Synthesis of magnetic particle/organic hybrid from metalorganic compounds

  • Toshinobu Yogo (a1), Tomoyuki Nakamura (a1), Wataru Sakamoto (a1) and Shin-ichi Hirano (a1)


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