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Synthesis of InN nanowires grown on droplets formed with Au and self-catalyst on Si(111) by using metalorganic chemical vapor deposition

  • Seok-Hyo Yun, Suthan Kissinger, Don Wook Kim, Jun-Ho Cha, Yong-Ho Ra and Cheul-Ro Lee (a1)...


We demonstrated the growth of indium nitride (InN) nanowires on Si(111) substrates by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition without the use of any intermediate GaN or AlN buffer layer. The InN nanowires were grown by forming the Au + In droplets and In droplets on the Au- and In-coated Si substrate. The growth conditions such as chamber pressure, chamber temperature, reaction gas flow rate, and carrier gas flow rate were optimized to yield nanowires free from contamination. Depending on the growth parameters different growth regimes for the InN nanowires were identified. The strength of self-catalytic route has been highlighted. The morphology and microstructures of samples were characterized by x-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The transmission electron microscopy and SEM investigations showed that the InN nanowires are single crystals with diameters ranging from 40 to 400 nm, and lengths up to 3 µm. Photoluminescence spectra of the InN nanowires showed a strong broad emission peak at 0.77 eV.


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Synthesis of InN nanowires grown on droplets formed with Au and self-catalyst on Si(111) by using metalorganic chemical vapor deposition

  • Seok-Hyo Yun, Suthan Kissinger, Don Wook Kim, Jun-Ho Cha, Yong-Ho Ra and Cheul-Ro Lee (a1)...


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