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Synthesis of carbon nitride nanocrystals on Co/Ni-covered substrate by nitrogen-atom-beam-assisted pulsed laser ablation

  • Ning Xu (a1), Hao Lin (a1), Li Li (a1), Weijian Pan (a1), Jian Sun (a1), Jiada Wu (a1), Zhifeng Ying (a1), Peinan Wang (a1), Yuancheng Du (a1) and Fuming Li (a1)...


Carbon nitride nanocrystals were synthesized on Co/Ni-covered Si(100) wafers using a nitrogen-atom-beam-assisted pulsed laser ablation deposition method. Transmission electron miscroscopy, x-ray diffraction, and Raman spectroscopy showed that as-deposited films were constructed primarily from nanometer-sized β-C3N4 and CNx crystallites. The co-catalyzation by the cobalt and nickel in the synthesis process is considered to play an important role in the formation of nanocrystalline β-C3N4. The reasons for the formation of carbon nitride nanocrystals were analyzed.



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