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Synthesis, electrochemical, and microstructural study of precursor-derived LiMn2O4 powders

  • Yumi H. Ikuhara (a1), Yuji Iwamoto (a1), Koichi Kikuta (a2) and Shin-ichi Hirano (a2)


Stable and homogeneous alkoxide precursor solutions of lithium ethoxyethoxide and manganese ethoxyethoxide in 2-ethoxyethanol were synthesized by ligand exchange reaction of lithium isopropoxide and manganese 2-ethoxide, respectively, with 2-ethoxyethanol. [Li–Mn–O] precursor solution was prepared by mixing these modified alkoxide precursor solutions. LiMn2O4 powders were successfully synthesized by pyrolysis of the [Li–Mn–O] precursor powder in O2 temperature as low as 200 °C. The nanocrystalline LiMn2O4 powders 20–50 mm in diameter after heat treatment up to 700 °C consisted of the ordered (111) plane and performed with good cyclability as the cathode materials for Li secondary batteries.


Corresponding author

a) Address all correspondence to this author. Present address: Japan Fine Ceramics Center, Research and Development Laboratory, 2-4-1 Mutsuno, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, 456-8587, Japan.


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Synthesis, electrochemical, and microstructural study of precursor-derived LiMn2O4 powders

  • Yumi H. Ikuhara (a1), Yuji Iwamoto (a1), Koichi Kikuta (a2) and Shin-ichi Hirano (a2)


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