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Stress engineering with AlN/GaN superlattices for epitaxial GaN on 200 mm silicon substrates using a single wafer rotating disk MOCVD reactor

  • Jie Su (a1), Eric A. Armour (a1), Balakrishnan Krishnan (a1), Soo Min Lee (a1) and George D. Papasouliotis (a1)...


We are reporting on stress engineering utilizing AlN/GaN superlattices (SLs) for epitaxy of GaN layers on 200 mm silicon substrates carried out in Veeco's Propel™ rotating disk, single wafer metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) reactor. The Turbodisc® reactor is designed to have homogeneous alkyl/hydride flow distribution and uniform temperature profile, which translate into excellent uniformity and concentric symmetry in epilayer thickness and alloy composition. This feature results in uniform and controllable stress in epilayers across large-size substrates. Crack-free 2 μm GaN layers were grown on 200 mm Si using uniformly strained AlN/GaN SLs with periods of 3–5 and 10–30 nm, respectively. Compressive and tensile stress can be precisely adjusted by changing the thickness of the AlN and GaN layers in the SLs, resulting in controllable wafer curvature/bow after cool down. For a fixed period thickness structure, the effects of growth conditions, such as growth rate of GaN, AlN V/III ratio, and growth temperature, on wafer stress were investigated.


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Stress engineering with AlN/GaN superlattices for epitaxial GaN on 200 mm silicon substrates using a single wafer rotating disk MOCVD reactor

  • Jie Su (a1), Eric A. Armour (a1), Balakrishnan Krishnan (a1), Soo Min Lee (a1) and George D. Papasouliotis (a1)...


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