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Stability and Phase Transformations of Icosahedral Phase in a 41.5Zr41.5Ti17Ni Alloy

  • S. Yi (a1) and D. H. Kim (a1)


Phase stability and transformations of the icosahedral phase (I-phase) in a 41.5Zr41.5Ti17Ni alloy were investigated using melt-spun ribbons and arc-melted bulk samples. A perfect I-phase can be formed directly from liquid through the melt-spinning technique. The I-phase formed in the ribbon is thermodynamically stable and transforms to W-phase, a 1/1 rational approximant above 565 °C. Formation of the perfect I-phase during annealing treatment of the arc-melted sample is very sluggish. Various types of approximants exist as intermediate states for the transformation of crystalline phases to a perfect I-phase.


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