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Sonochemical method for the synthesis of antimony sulfide microcrystallites with controllable morphology

  • J. H. Zhang (a1), Z. Chen (a1), Z. L. Wang (a1) and N. B. Ming (a1)


Spindlelike, rodlike, starlike, and spherical antimony sulfide (Sb2S3) microcrystallites have successfully been synthesized via a sonochemical method at room temperature. The x-ray diffraction pattern analysis based on the Rietveld method demonstrates that ultrasound can convert the structure of Sb2S3 from amorphous phase to crystalline phase. The crystallinity and morphology of Sb2S3 particles can be modified by using different solvents or solutions. It is found that the spindlelike and starlike particles result from the aggregation of nanoparticles while the rodlike particles arise from epitaxial growth. Due to the quantum confinement effect of charge carriers in small microcrystalline volumes, the characteristic peaks in the optical absorption spectrum of the synthesized 0.001 M Sb2S3 (<100 nm) colloidal solutions are blue-shifted by about 500 nm as compared to the bulk band gaps of Sb2S3.



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