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Solvothermal route to Bi3Se4 nanorods at low temperature

  • Yuan-fang Liu (a1), Jing-hui Zeng (a1), Wei-xin Zhang (a2), Wei-chao Yu (a2), Yi-tai Qian (a3), Jin-bo Cao (a2) and Wan-qun Zhang (a2)...


Nanorods Bi3Se4 were synthesized directly through the reaction between BiCl3 and elemental selenium in an autoclave with hydrazine hydrate as solvent at 165 °C for 10 h. X-ray powder diffraction patterns, x-ray photoelectron spectra, and transmission electron microscope images show that the products are well-crystallized hexagonal Bi3Se4 nanorods. The solvent hydrazine hydrate played an important role in formation and growth of Bi3Se4 nanorods. The possible reaction mechanism was proposed.


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Solvothermal route to Bi3Se4 nanorods at low temperature

  • Yuan-fang Liu (a1), Jing-hui Zeng (a1), Wei-xin Zhang (a2), Wei-chao Yu (a2), Yi-tai Qian (a3), Jin-bo Cao (a2) and Wan-qun Zhang (a2)...


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