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Smooth and notched fatigue performance of aging treated and shot peened ZK60 magnesium alloy

  • Wen-Cai Liu (a1), Jie Dong (a2), Ping Zhang (a3), Xing-Wei Zheng (a2), Wen-Jiang Ding (a4), De-Hui Li (a5) and Alexander M. Korsunsky (a6)...


The influence of shot peening (SP) on high cycle fatigue (HCF) performance of smooth and notched specimens of hot-extruded ZK60 magnesium alloy was investigated and compared to that of hot-extruded and T5 aging-treated ZK60 magnesium alloy referred to as ZK60-T5. The increases in fatigue properties at the optimum Almen intensities were found to depend on the material states. In contrast to ZK60 alloy, higher smooth and notched fatigue properties for both unpeened and peened specimens were observed for ZK60-T5 alloy. Meanwhile, the improvement of fatigue life for notched specimen by SP was much more than that for the smooth specimen. The mechanism by which the compressive residual stress induced by SP resulted in the improvement of fatigue performance of smooth and notched specimens for ZK60 and ZK60-T5 alloys was discussed.


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