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Single-crystalline Tungsten Nanoparticles Produced by Thermal Decomposition of Tungsten Hexacarbonyl

  • Martin H. Magnusson (a1), Knut Deppert (a1) and Jan-Olle Malm (a2)


Nanometer-sized particles of W are of interest in semiconductor device research, where such particles may store electrons inside heteroepitaxially defined structures. In this paper, we present results concerning W particles produced by thermal decomposition of tungsten hexacarbonyl. By the described method, it was possible to produce size-selected, single-crystalline W particles in the size range between 15 and 60 nm. The sintering behavior of the particles was studied between ambient temperatures and 1900 °C. The particle morphology and structure were examined with high-resolution transmission electron microscopy and electron diffraction techniques. Particles sintered at the highest temperatures typically were single crystals, with well-developed facets. Some problems concerning a yield reducing charging mechanism are discussed.


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