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Silicoaluminum carbonitride ceramic resist to oxidation/corrosion in water vapor

  • Yiguang Wang (a1), Weifeng Fei (a1), Yi Fan (a2), Ligong Zhang (a2), Wenge Zhang (a3) and Linan An (a1)...


The oxidation behavior of polymer-derived SiAlCN ceramic in a water vapor environment was studied at 1400 °C. The oxidation and corrosion rates of the SiAlCN are much lower than those of SiCN and pure silicon-based ceramics. The material retains about 75% of its original strength after exposure in water vapor for 300 h at 1400 °C. It is believed that the superior resistance of the SiAlCN to water vapor-related oxidation and corrosion is due to the formation of an aluminum-doped silica layer, in which the aluminum has reduced the activity of the silica.


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Silicoaluminum carbonitride ceramic resist to oxidation/corrosion in water vapor

  • Yiguang Wang (a1), Weifeng Fei (a1), Yi Fan (a2), Ligong Zhang (a2), Wenge Zhang (a3) and Linan An (a1)...


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