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Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis microalloying of MoSi2 with Nb and V

  • F. Maglia (a1), C. Milanese (a1), U. Anselmi-Tamburini (a2) and Z. A. Munir (a3)


Microalloying of MoSi2 to form Mo(1−x)MexSi2 (Me = Nb or V) was investigated by the self-propagating high-temperature synthesis method. With alloying element contents up to 5 at.%, a homogeneous C11b solid solution was obtained. For higher contents of alloying elements, the product contained both the C11b and the hexagonal C40 phases. The relative amount of the C40 phase increases with an increase in the content of alloying metals in the starting mixture. The alloying element content in the hexagonal C40 Mo(1−x)MexSi2 phase was nearly constant at a level of about 12 at.% for all starting compositions. In contrast, the content of the alloying elements in the tetragonal phase is considerably lower (around 4 at.%) and increases slightly as the Me content in the starting mixture is increased.



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