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Scanning Auger microscopy analysis of 90 K Y–Ba–Cu–O superconductors

  • L. Cota (a1), L. Morales de la Garza (a1), G. Hirata (a1), L. Martínez (a1), E. Orozco (a1), E. Carrillo (a1), A. Mendoza (a1), J. L. Albarrán (a1), J. Fuentes-Maya (a1), J. L. Boldú (a1), J. G. Pérez-Ramírez (a1), R. Pérez (a1), J. Reyes Gasga (a1), M. Avalos (a1) and M. José-Yacamán (a1)...


The oxide superconductor Y–Ba–Cu–O is studied using Auger scanning microscopy. The chemical depth profiles of the samples were obtained. It is concluded that two phases are present in the sample, one corresponding to the standard composition and another that is Ba enriched. The first shows a platelet shape and the second a granular appearence that covers the surface of the sample.



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