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Rapid synthesis of bulk Ti2AlC by self-propagating high temperature combustion synthesis with a pseudo–hot isostatic pressing process

  • Yuelei Bai (a1), Xiaodong He (a2), Yibin Li (a1), Chuncheng Zhu (a3) and Sam Zhang (a4)...


In this study, the dense polycrystalline Ti2AlC was synthesized by self-propagating high-temperature combustion synthesis with the pseudo–hot isostatic pressing process (SHS/PHIP). The resultant phase purity is highly dependent on the mol ratio of raw powders. The Ti2AlC was densified by applying pressure after the SHS reaction. The resultant sample mainly contains typical plate-like nonstoichiometric Ti2AlCx (x = 0.69) with grain size of ∼6 µm. The sample shows the Vickers hardness of 5.5 GPa, highest flexural strength of 431 MPa, compressive strength of 1033 MPa, and fracture toughness of 6.5 MPa·m1/2. No indentation cracks in Ti2AlCx were observed, indicative of a damage material nature. The reaction mechanism for the formation of SHS/PHIP-derived Ti2AlC is also discussed based on differential thermal analysis and x-ray diffraction results.


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