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Quantitative evaluation of adhesion of metallic coatings with an extended microbridge test

  • Xiaomin Zhang (a1), Jingtao Du (a1), Bo Liu (a1), Shengli Ma (a1) and Kewei Xu (a1)...


An extended microbridge test (eMBT) was proposed to assess the adhesion of metallic coatings on metallic substrates. Through loading on the backside of narrow striped freestanding coatings, a two-dimensional stable interfacial delamination was introduced. A cross-sectional scanning electron microscope (SEM) was used to examine the interfacial fracture process. A large deflection solution for elastic deformation of the coating was derived, and an approximate model was established for the estimate of interfacial crack extension force G. The eMBT samples of electroplated Ni coatings on C45 carbon steel substrate were tested, and the measured interfacial fracture toughness was about 5.28 J/m2. Cross-sectional SEM examination showed that the interface crack extended along the interface plane, and therefore the interfacial fracture proceeded by the debonding of Ni/steel interface.


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Quantitative evaluation of adhesion of metallic coatings with an extended microbridge test

  • Xiaomin Zhang (a1), Jingtao Du (a1), Bo Liu (a1), Shengli Ma (a1) and Kewei Xu (a1)...


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