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Promoting secondary nucleation using methane modulations during diamond chemical vapor deposition to produce smoother, harder, and better quality films

  • N. Ali (a1), V.F. Neto (a1) and J. Gracio (a1)


In this paper, we present results obtained from a comparison study relating to the deposition of diamond films using two processes, namely, time-modulated chemical vapor deposition (TMCVD) and conventional CVD. Polycrystalline diamond films were deposited onto silicon substrates using both hot-filament CVD and microwave plasma CVD systems. The key feature of TMCVD is that it modulates methane (CH4) flow during diamond CVD, whereas in conventional CVD the CH4 flow is kept constant throughout the deposition process. Films grown using TMCVD were smoother, harder, and displayed better quality than similar films grown using constant CH4 flow during CVD. The advantage of using TMCVD is that it promotes secondary nucleation to occur on existing diamond crystals. Pulsing CH4, consecutively, at high and low concentrations allows the depositing film to maintain its quality in terms of diamond-carbon phase. Films grown under constant CH4 flow during diamond CVD displayed a columnar growth mode, whereas with the time modulated films the growth mode was different. The mechanism of film growth during TMCVD is presented in this paper. The growth rate of films obtained using the hot filament CVD system with constant CH4 flow was higher than the growth rate of time modulated films. However, using the microwave-plasma CVD system, the effect was the contrary and the time-modulated films were grown at a higher rate. The growth rate results are discussed in terms of substrate temperature changes during TMCVD.



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Promoting secondary nucleation using methane modulations during diamond chemical vapor deposition to produce smoother, harder, and better quality films

  • N. Ali (a1), V.F. Neto (a1) and J. Gracio (a1)


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