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Pressurized internal lenticular cracks at healed mica interfaces

  • K-T. Wan (a1), R.G. Horn (a1), S. Courmont (a1) and B.R. Lawn (a1)


The equilibrium states of internal penny cracks at interfaces in thin-sheet bodies are investigated. Consideration is given to cracks held open by a center-loading force from an entrapped particle in combination with a uniform pressure from a fixed mass of entrapped gas. A fracture mechanics analysis indicates that under these conditions the cracks are stable, but are amenable to growth from an enhancement in net pressure (increase in internal pressure or decrease in external pressure) or effective particle size. Essential details of the theory are confirmed by experiments on lenticular cracks at healed interfaces in muscovite mica. The results are pertinent to flaw responses in brittle ceramic systems where structural integrity is an issue.



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