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Preparation of stable magnetorheological fluids based on extremely bimodal iron–magnetite suspensions

  • M.T. López-López (a1), J. de Vicente (a1), G. Bossis (a2), F. González-Caballero (a1) and J.D.G. Durán (a1)...


The high magneto-viscous response of magnetorheological fluids (MRFs) comes from the large size (≈1 μm) of the magnetic particles dispersed in the carrier liquid. Unfortunately, in the absence of a magnetic field, this large size constitutes the origin of some problems facing the technological applications of MRFs. These problems are (i) the instability of the suspensions caused by the fast settling of the high density magnetic particles used, and (ii) the poor redispersibility due to an irreversible aggregation. In this work, we used an electromagnetic induction method to study the stability of MRFs containing micron-sized iron particles dispersed in ferrofluids composed by oleate-covered magnetite nanoparticles dispersed in kerosene. Interestingly, we demonstrated that the sedimentation rate in iron/ferrofluid suspensions can be significantly lower than in iron/kerosene MRFs.


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Preparation of stable magnetorheological fluids based on extremely bimodal iron–magnetite suspensions

  • M.T. López-López (a1), J. de Vicente (a1), G. Bossis (a2), F. González-Caballero (a1) and J.D.G. Durán (a1)...


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