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Preferred Orientation of Copper Phthalocyanine Thin Films Evaporated on Amorphous Substrates

  • R. Resel (a1), M. Ottmar (a2), M. Hanack (a2), J. Keckes (a3) and G. Leising (a4)...


A series of copper phthalocyanine thin films were prepared on amorphous substrates using physical vapor deposition at ambient temperature. Different sample preparation conditions were used: the deposition rate was varied, and the substrates was static or rotating. The preferred orientation in the thin film was studied as a function of the deposition conditions. X-ray diffraction analysis was performed using θ/2θ and pole figure measurements. In the case of layers prepared at low deposition rates and using nonrotating substrates, a very strong fiber texture was detected with (100) crystallographic planes oriented preferably parallel to the substrate surface. At higher deposition rates, an additional second type of preferred orientation was observed with (110) planes oriented preferably parallel to the substrate surface. In the case of layers prepared with rotational substrates, the (110) type of preferred orientation was quantitatively more strongly developed. If we consider electronic band structure calculations, these results imply that the electron/hole transport through the thin films is enhanced for films prepared at high deposition rates and rotating substrates.


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