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Positive Hall coefficients obtained from contact misplacement on evident n-type ZnO films and crystals

  • Takeshi Ohgaki (a1), Naoki Ohashi (a1), Shigeaki Sugimura (a1), Haruki Ryoken (a1), Isao Sakaguchi (a1), Yutaka Adachi (a1) and Hajime Haneda (a1)...


We report on the effect of sample non-uniformity on the results of Hall-effect measurements. False positive Hall coefficients were obtained from an evidently n-type ZnO single crystal, although four electrodes with low contact resistance were made and the Van der Pauw parameter for this electrode configuration was close to 1.00. Further position-sensitive characterization revealed that the false positive Hall coefficient was due to non-uniform electrical properties of the sample. To demonstrate a false positive sign of the Hall coefficient due to sample non-uniformity, we devised a model structure made from evident n-type ZnO thin film and successfully reproduced a false positive Hall coefficient from n-type ZnO.


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