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Pore geometry in woven fiber structures: 0°/90° plain-weave cloth layup preform

  • S-B. Lee (a1), S. R. Stock (a2), M. D. Butts (a3), T. L. Starr (a2), T. M. Breunig (a4) and J. H. Kinney (a5)...


Composite preform fiber architectures range from the very simple to the complex, and the extremes are typified by parallel continuous fibers and complicated three-dimensional woven structures. Subsequent processing of these preforms to produce dense composites may depend critically on the geometry of the interfiber porosity. The goal of this study is to fully characterize the structure of a 0°/90° cloth layup preform using x-ray tomographic microscopy (XTM). This characterization includes the measurement of intercloth channel widths and their variability, the transverse distribution of through-cloth holes, and the distribution of preform porosity. The structure of the intercloth porosity depends critically on the magnitude and direction of the offset between adjacent cloth layers. The structures observed include two-dimensional networks of open pipes linking adjacent holes, arrays of parallel one-dimensional pipes linking holes, and relatively closed channels exhibiting little structure, and these different structures would appear to offer very different resistances to gas flow through the preform. These measurements, and future measurements for different fiber architectures, will yield improved understanding of the role of preform structure on processing.



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Pore geometry in woven fiber structures: 0°/90° plain-weave cloth layup preform

  • S-B. Lee (a1), S. R. Stock (a2), M. D. Butts (a3), T. L. Starr (a2), T. M. Breunig (a4) and J. H. Kinney (a5)...


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