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Poly(vanadium–molybdenum acid) xerogel thin films fabricated by the sol-gel process and their humidity-sensing properties

  • Maosong Tong (a1), Guorui Dai (a1), Yuanda Wu (a1), Xiuli He (a1), Wei Yan (a1), Dingsan Gao (a2), Victor Volkov (a2) and Galina Zakharova (a2)...


Thermogravimetric analysis, x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and x-ray diffraction results and the humidity sensing properties of poly(vanadium–molybdenum acid) H2V9.5Mo2.5O32.0 · 8.8H2O xerogel thin films, which were fabricated by the sol-gel process, are described in this paper. The conductance and the capacitance of the thin films strongly depend on the relative humidity. Different electrodes have different influences on the humidity-sensing properties of the thin films.


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