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Photo-induced magnetic behavior in the amorphous spin-glass material Co3(SbTe3)2

  • Biao Wu (a1), Lianwei Ren (a1), Charles J. O'Connor (a1), Jinke Tang (a2), Jin-Seung Jung (a3), Jacques Ferré (a4) and Jean-Pierre Jamet (a4)...


A new ternary material Co3(SbTe3)2 was prepared by using a rapid precipitation metathesis reaction between the Zintl material K3SbTe3 and CoCl2 in aqueous solution. The dc specific resistivity of this material is in the region for metallic conductors (p = 2.75 × 10-3 Ω-cm). The dc magnetic susceptibility of Co3(SbTe3)2 is reported over a 2.2 K-300 K temperature region, and the material is characterized as a spin glass with a freezing temperature of about 5 K. Magnetization data are also reported as both thermal remanent magnetization and isothermal remanent magnetization as a function of magnetizing field and temperature. When cooled well below the glass freezing temperature, the frozen spin glass has been observed to exhibit photomagnetic effects consistent with a disruption of the spin-glass state caused by uv-radiation.



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