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Phase diagram studies in the quasi binary systems LaMnO3–SrMnO3 and LaMnO3–CaMnO3

  • Peter Majewski (a1), Lars Epple (a1), Michael Rozumek (a1), Heike Schluckwerder (a1) and Fritz Aldinger (a1)...


The quasi binary systems LaMnO3–SrMnO3 and LaMnO3–CaMnO3 were studied. Both systems show a miscibility gap at intermediate La:Sr and La:Ca ratios below about 1400 °C in air. This phenomenon causes the decomposition of single-phase (La,Sr)MnO3−x and (La,Ca)MnO3−x solid solution into La-rich SrMnO3−x + Sr-rich LaMnO3−x and La-rich CaMnO3−x + Ca-rich LaMnO3−x at lower temperatures, respectively. At 1400 °C in the system LaMnO3–SrMnO3, a structure transformation of (La,Sr)MnO3 from orthorhombic to rhombohedral with increasing Sr content was not observed, and the structure of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 was determined to be orthorhombic with a = 0.54927 ± 0.0009 nm, b = 0.54582 ± 0.0009 nm, and c 4 0.76772 ± 0.0034 nm.



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