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Oxidation behavior of high-purity nonstoichiometric Ti2AlC powders in flowing air

  • Fanyu Kong (a1), Ke Feng (a1), Yuelei Bai (a1), Ning Li (a1), Xinxin Qi (a1), Yongting Zheng (a1), Rongguo Wang (a1) and Xiaodong He (a1)...


The oxidation behavior of nonstoichiometric Ti2AlC x (x = 0.69) powders synthesized by combustion synthesis was investigated in flowing air by means of simultaneous thermal gravimetric analysis-differential thermal analysis, X-ray diffraction, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and scanning electron microscope/energy dispersive spectroscopy, with an effect of powder size. The oxidation of the fine Ti2AlC powders with the size of about 1 μm starts at 300 °C and completes at 980 °C, while with increasing the powder size around 10 μm the corresponding temperature increases to 400 and 1040 °C, respectively. The oxidation of nonstoichiometric Ti2AlC x (x = 0.69) powders is controlled by surface reaction in 400–600 °C, and mainly diffusion in 600–900 °C, with the corresponding oxidation activation energy of 2.35 eV and 0.12 eV, respectively. In other words, the critical temperature of changing oxidation controlling step is around 600 °C. The oxidation products were mainly rutile-TiO2 and α-Al2O3. The tiny white flocculent particles of α-Al2O3 appeared on the surface of fine Ti2AlC powders and increased with increasing the oxidation temperature.


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Contributing Editor: Yanchun Zhou



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