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Optimizing the interface bonding in Cu matrix composites by using functionalized carbon nanotubes and cold rolling

  • Guijun Liu (a1), Jingmei Tao (a1), Fengxian Li (a1), Rui Bao (a1), Yichun Liu (a1), Caiju Li (a1) and Jianhong Yi (a1)...


Nonuniform dispersion and weak interfacial bonding between carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and Cu matrix are two critical issues for achieving high strength and good ductility of CNT/Cu composites. Here, acid-treated CNTs precoated with Ni coatings were used to enhance the dispersion uniformity of CNTs and interfacial bonding between CNTs and Cu matrix in the CNT/Cu composites fabricated through spark plasma sintering and subsequently cold rolling. Scanning electron microscopy analysis revealed the homogeneous dispersion of Ni-coated CNTs (Ni-CNTs) in the composite compared with uncoated CNTs. Transmission electron microscope observation indicated that Cu2O nanoparticles were in situ formed at the interface in Ni-CNT/Cu composite, where CNTs were uncovered by Ni coatings. After rolling, the distribution of Ni-CNTs transformed into ribbons aligning along the rolling direction. The ultimate tensile strength (UTS) of 261 MPa was achieved in rolled 1 vol% Ni-CNT/Cu composite, which was 24.3% higher than that before rolling. The UTS of 2 vol% Ni-CNT/Cu composite obviously decreased, which could be attributed to the agglomeration of Ni-CNTs in the Cu matrix due to the increased volume content.


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