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Optimization of powder metallurgy parameters to attain maximum strength coefficient in Al–10 wt% MoO3 composite

  • Manickam Ravichandran (a1) and Veeramani Anandakrishnan (a2)


Aluminum matrix composite with 10 wt% of MoO3 particulate reinforcement was synthesized through powder metallurgy technique. The cold upsetting studies of the composites were investigated based on Taguchi L9 orthogonal array experimental design to evaluate the significance of compaction pressure, sintering temperature, and sintering time on strength coefficient. The combination of 350 MPa pressure, 600 °C temperature, and 90 minutes sintering time was identified as the optimum blend for maximum strength coefficient using the main effect plot. From the analysis of variance, compaction pressure and sintering temperature were identified as highly contributing parameters on strength coefficient. Further, a confirmation test was also conducted with the optimum parameter for validation of the Taguchi results. X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy were used to confirm the presence of MoO3 and its uniform distribution over the aluminum matrix.


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