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Optical studies of polyvinylpyrrolidone reduction effect on free and complex metal ions

  • Caixia Kan (a1), Weiping Cai (a1), Cuncheng Li (a1) and Lide Zhang (a1)


Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) reduction effect on free and complex Ag+ and Au3+ ions was studied from optical measurements by adding a metal precursor (K-30), commonly used as a stabilizer, to PVP. It was found that PVP has a strong reduction effect on free ionic metal, such as Ag+ ion in AgNO3, but much weaker on complex ionic metals, AuCl4 in HAuCl4 and Ag(NH3)2+ in Ag(NH3)2OH. This is explained based on the coordinative field of polar group in PVP molecules.


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Optical studies of polyvinylpyrrolidone reduction effect on free and complex metal ions

  • Caixia Kan (a1), Weiping Cai (a1), Cuncheng Li (a1) and Lide Zhang (a1)


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