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Optical and electrical properties of transparent conducting In2O3–ZrO2 films

  • S. B. Qadri (a1), H. Kim (a2), H. R. Khan (a3), A. Piqué (a1), J. S. Horwitz (a1), D. Chrisey (a1) and E. F. Skelton (a1)...


The optical transparencies and electrical conductivities of thin films of In2O3 mixed with ZrO2 have been investigated. These films were deposited on glass substrates at room temperature using pulsed-laser deposition. Indium–zirconium oxide films with a ZrO2 content up to a 15 wt% were conducting and more than 80% transparent from 450 to 700 nm. As the ZrO2 content increased from 0 to 15 wt%, the electrical resistivities increased from 1.28 × 10−3 to 6.48 × 10−2 Ω cm, the carrier densities were decreased from 2.14 × 1020 to 1.0 × 1018/cm3, and the Hall mobilities decreased from 21 to 5 cm2 V−1 s−1, all monotonically.



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Optical and electrical properties of transparent conducting In2O3–ZrO2 films

  • S. B. Qadri (a1), H. Kim (a2), H. R. Khan (a3), A. Piqué (a1), J. S. Horwitz (a1), D. Chrisey (a1) and E. F. Skelton (a1)...


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