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Novel method for the synthesis of thin film coatings on particulate materials

  • J. M. Fitz-Gerald (a1), R. K. Singh (a2), H. Gao (a2), D. Wright (a2), M. Ollinger (a2), J. W. Marcinka (a3) and S. J. Pennycook (a4)...


In this paper, we show the feasibility of the pulsed-laser ablation technique to grow 20–30-nm-thick, discrete and continuous coatings on particulate material systems so that the properties of the core particles can be suitably modified. Experiments were conducted with a pulsed excimer laser (λ = 248 nm, pulse duration = 25 ns) to deposit nanoparticle coatings on Al2O3 and SiO2 core particles by irradiation of Ag and Y2O3–Eu3+ sputtering targets. Structural characterization was performed with scanning electron microscopy, wavelength dispersive x-ray mapping, transmission electron microscopy, and scanning transmission electron microscopy with z-contrast.



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