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New method of producing well-aligned ZnO nanorods on a Si-SiO2 substrate

  • N.C. Hung (a1), G.Z. Wang (a1), M.Y. Yau (a1) and Dickon H.L. Ng (a1)


Well-aligned ZnO nanorods arrays were fabricated by sintering powder Zn underneath a Si–SiO2 substrate. In this fabrication, ZnO was produced by the displacement reactions between Zn and SiO vapors. We found that these ZnO nanorods grew toward the [0001] direction. The diameter and the alignment of these nanorods strongly depended on the sintering temperature. When the temperature was increased from 740 to 800 °C, the diameter of the rods was increased from 30–70 nm to 300–700 nm, and their alignment was also improved. A model is proposed to describe the formation of these nanorods.


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New method of producing well-aligned ZnO nanorods on a Si-SiO2 substrate

  • N.C. Hung (a1), G.Z. Wang (a1), M.Y. Yau (a1) and Dickon H.L. Ng (a1)


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