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Nanostructural characterizations of hydrogen-permselective Si–Co–O membranes by transmission electron microscopy

  • Shinji Fujisaki (a1), Koji Hataya (a2), Tomohiro Saito (a3), Shigeo Arai (a4), Yuji Iwamoto (a2) and Kotaro Kuroda (a5)...


Nanostructural characterizations of liquid metal–organic precursors-derived cobalt-doped amorphous silica (Si–Co–O) membranes supported on a mesoporous anodic alumina capillary (MAAC) tube were performed to study their unique high-temperature hydrogen gas permeation properties. Cross-sectional scanning transmission electron microscopy images and selected-area electron diffraction patterns indicated that the metal cobalt and the different oxidation states of cobalt oxides (CoO and Co3O4) nanocrystallites having a size range of 5–20 nm were in situ formed in the mesopore channels of the MAAC tube. In addition, high-resolution transmission electron microscopy micrographs and electron energy loss spectroscopy elemental mapping images indicated that the highly dense Co-doped amorphous Si–O formed within the mesopore channels of the MAAC tube. These nanostructural features could contribute to the hydrogen-selective permeation properties observed for the membranes.


Corresponding author

a) Address all correspondence to this author. e-mail: Present address: NGK Insulators, Ltd., 2-56 Suda-cho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya 467-8530, Japan.


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Nanostructural characterizations of hydrogen-permselective Si–Co–O membranes by transmission electron microscopy

  • Shinji Fujisaki (a1), Koji Hataya (a2), Tomohiro Saito (a3), Shigeo Arai (a4), Yuji Iwamoto (a2) and Kotaro Kuroda (a5)...


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