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Multilayer high Tc thin film structures fabricated by pulsed laser deposition of Y–Ba–Cu–O

  • E. W. Chase (a1), T. Venkatesan (a1), C. C. Chang (a1), B. Wilkens (a1), W. L. Feldmann (a1), P. Barboux (a1), J. M. Tarascon (a1), D. L. Hart (a1), X. Wu (a2) and A. Inam (a2)...


The pulsed laser deposition technique was used to deposit stoichiometric thin films from multi-component targets. By changing the target during deposition, multilayer thin film structures were fabricated. We have prepared multilayer structures consisting of alternating superconducting layers with different compositions and elements separated by thin insulating layers. The sharpness of the interfaces was studied by Auger spectroscopy depth profiling. Comparison of films deposited at room temperature and at 680 °C showed that a 10 nm yttrium stabilized zirconium oxide film can completely prevent gross interdiffusion between Y–Ba–Cu–O films and between Y–Ba–Cu–O and Si.



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5Chang, C. C. unpublished research.


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