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Morphology, mechanical and thermal properties of poly(lactic acid) (PLA)/natural rubber (NR) blends compatibilized by NR-graft-PLA

  • Phijittra Sookprasert (a1) and Napida Hinchiranan (a2)


Natural rubber (NR) is expected to enhance impact strength of poly(lactic acid) (PLA). Because the polarity difference of NR and PLA leads PLA/NR blends having phase separation and poor mechanical properties, this research aimed to synthesize NR-graft-PLA (NR–PLA) via esterification of maleated NR (NR-MAH) with PLA. The role of NR–PLA used as a compatibilizer on mechanical and thermal properties of the PLA/NR blends was studied. Maximum grafted PLA level at 66.8% (w/w) was reached when NR-MAH was esterified with PLA [2/1 (w/w) PLA/NR-MAH] catalyzed by 0.05 M 4-dimethylaminopyridine at 140 °C. The addition of 5% (w/w) NR–PLA [36.6% (w/w) grafted PLA content] into PLA/NR blend [80/20 (w/w)] increased Izod impact strength of the neat PLA plate from 28.9 J/m to 62.7 J/m due to partial miscibility of blends attested by morphology analysis and Molau test. Hydrolytic degradation of PLA/NR blends with and without the addition of NR–PLA was also examined.


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Morphology, mechanical and thermal properties of poly(lactic acid) (PLA)/natural rubber (NR) blends compatibilized by NR-graft-PLA

  • Phijittra Sookprasert (a1) and Napida Hinchiranan (a2)


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