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Monolithic nanocrystalline Au fabricated by the compaction of nanoscale foam

  • A.M. Hodge (a1), J. Biener (a1), L.L. Hsiung (a1), Y.M. Wang (a1), A.V. Hamza (a1) and J.H. Satcher (a1)...


We describe a two-step dealloying/compaction process to produce nanocrystalline Au. First, nanocrystalline/nanoporous Au foam was synthesized by electrochemically driven dealloying. The resulting Au foams exhibited porosities of ∼60% with pore sizes of 40 and 100 nm and a typical grain size of <50 nm. Second, the nanoporous foams were fully compacted to produce nanocrystalline monolithic Au. The compacted Au was characterized by transmission electron microscopy and x-ray diffraction and tested by depth-sensing nanoindentation. The compacted nanocrystalline Au exhibited an average grain size of <50 nm and hardness values ranging from 1.4 to 2.0 GPa, which were up to 4.5 times higher than the hardness values obtained from polycrystalline Au.


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Monolithic nanocrystalline Au fabricated by the compaction of nanoscale foam

  • A.M. Hodge (a1), J. Biener (a1), L.L. Hsiung (a1), Y.M. Wang (a1), A.V. Hamza (a1) and J.H. Satcher (a1)...


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