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Microwave-hydrothermal processing of metal powders

  • Sridhar Komarneni (a1), Rajyalakshmi Pidugu (a1), Qing Hua Li (a1) and Rustum Roy (a1)


Novel microwave-hydrothermal processing has been developed by us recently for the synthesis of a wide variety of ceramic powders. Herein, we report the use of microwave-hydrothermal processing to synthesize several metal powders such as Cu, Ni, Co, and Ag by reducing their corresponding metal salts or hydroxides with ethylene glycol. Metal powders have been produced extremely rapidly a (few minutes) by microwave catalysis. The kinetics of metal powder synthesis have been increased by at least an order of magnitude by microwave-hydrothermal processing compared to the conventional refluxing process in ethylene glycol at about 195 °C.


Corresponding author

a)Also with the Department of Agronomy.


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Microwave-hydrothermal processing of metal powders

  • Sridhar Komarneni (a1), Rajyalakshmi Pidugu (a1), Qing Hua Li (a1) and Rustum Roy (a1)


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