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Microwave heating behavior of nanocrystalline Au thin films in single-mode cavity

  • Ziping Cao, Noboru Yoshikawa and Shoji Taniguchi (a1)


In this work, microwave heating curves and microstructural evolution of nanocrystalline Au thin films were studied so the heating behavior of metals could be better understood. Films with different thickness were irradiated by the H and E maximums of microwave in a single-mode cavity. These samples were more efficiently heated by H field than by E field. With the increase of film thickness, the attained highest temperature increased. This phenomenon was compared with the theory of the transmission line analysis. Peaks appearing at the initial stage of the heating curves were also compared with similar heating behaviors observed in metal powder compacts, and the possible mechanisms related to the heating behavior were explored.


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Microwave heating behavior of nanocrystalline Au thin films in single-mode cavity

  • Ziping Cao, Noboru Yoshikawa and Shoji Taniguchi (a1)


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