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Microstructure and texture evolution of novel Cu–10Ni–3Al–0.8Si alloy during hot deformation

  • Leinuo Shen (a1), Zhou Li (a1), Qiyi Dong (a2), Zhu Xiao (a3) and Chang Chen (a4)...


The influence of temperature and strain rate on hot deformation behavior and microstructure of Cu–10Ni–3Al–0.8Si alloy was investigated. The true stress increased rapidly initially until it approached the peak values. The peak value of true stress and the Zener–Hollomon parameter decreased with the increase of temperature and the decrease of strain rate. The thermal activation energy of the alloy was about 396.57 kJ/mol, the processing map was established and the appropriate compression temperature was between 900 and 950 °C. The 〈001〉 and 〈011〉 fiber texture was the main type of texture. The increase of temperature or strain rate accelerated the formation of 〈001〉 fiber texture. Dynamic recrystallization nucleated and deformation bands formed at 750 °C. Recrystallization was accelerated with the increase of temperature and the decrease of Zener–Hollomon parameter. Both continuous recrystallization resulting from dynamic recovery and dynamic discontinuous recrystallization were softening mechanisms.


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Microstructure and texture evolution of novel Cu–10Ni–3Al–0.8Si alloy during hot deformation

  • Leinuo Shen (a1), Zhou Li (a1), Qiyi Dong (a2), Zhu Xiao (a3) and Chang Chen (a4)...


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