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Microstructure and mechanical properties of sub-micron zinc structures

  • Sumin Jin (a1), Sujing Xie (a2), Michael J. Burek (a3), Zeinab Jahed (a4) and Ting Y. Tsui (a5)...


The mechanical properties of submicron scale columnar zinc structures, with average diameters between 130 and 1060 nm, were characterized by uniaxial microcompression tests. The zinc pillars were fabricated by electron beam lithography and electroplating and were found to be generally single crystalline, with a preferred out-of-plane orientation close to the [0001] directions. Post deformation microstructural analysis suggests that the zinc pillars maintain their single-crystalline structure, but without twin boundary formation. Interestingly, the engineering flow stress results indicate that small-scale zinc structures are insensitive to both strain rate and size.


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Microstructure and mechanical properties of sub-micron zinc structures

  • Sumin Jin (a1), Sujing Xie (a2), Michael J. Burek (a3), Zeinab Jahed (a4) and Ting Y. Tsui (a5)...


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